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Trampoline Spares

Trampoline replacement and spare parts, including frame pads, enclosures, nets, jump mats and springs are available for all top trampoline makes, including TP Toys, Jumpking, Argos and Supertramp.

Our  trampoline spares are suitable for most 8, 10, 12, 13 and 14ft round trampolines as well as many Jumpking Oval trampolines. All parts are built  to the highest standards available so we are able to offer a long guarantee on all parts.
Trampoline Spares


  • Trampoline Enclosures

    Trampoline Enclosures
    Our replacement trampoline enclosures (including netting, poles, clamps, foam, sleeves and caps) are suitable  for most sizes and makes of circular trampoline including Argos, Jumpking and TP Toys
  • Trampoline Nets

    Trampoline Nets
    Buy just replacement netting for your trampoline enclosure. Suitable  for most sizes and makes of circular trampoline, including Argos, Jumpking and TP Toys
  • Trampoline Pads

    Trampoline Pads
    Trampoline pads protect you should you fall onto the springs or metal framework. All the replacement padding that we sell is thick enough to offer adequate protection and strong enough to withstand British weather.
  • Trampoline Mats

    Trampoline Mats
    Trampoline mats or beds, are the black surface area you jump on. Whilst being very durable, jump-mats can be damaged by bonfires, fire works etc or by sharp items. All of our jump-mats are guaranteed to last.
  • Trampoline Springs

    Trampoline Springs
    We can supply replacement trampoline springs to fit trampolines that use a 5.5, 7  or 8.5 inch spring. All spare springs are fully galvanised for guaranteed durability. Please check which size you need before ordering.
  • Trampoline Enclosure Poles

    Trampoline Enclosure Poles
    Trampoline Enclosure Poles are available in 3 sizes: 2.2m, 2.4m and 2.6m. Our trampoline poles are made from galvanised steel and are 25mm in diameter. You can buy the poles singularly, or in sets of 4 or 8.
  • Trampoline Foams | Sleeves

    Trampoline Enclosure Pole Foams
    Trampoline Pole Foams are the foam tubes that sit over the enclosure poles to cushion any falls against the poles. Trampoline Pole Sleeves are PVC sleeves that go over the trampoline pole foams to protect them.
  • Trampoline Clamps | Caps

    Trampoline Enclosure Pole Cap
    Trampoline Poles Clamps attach the trampoline enclosure poles to the legs of your trampoline framework. The Trampoline Pole Caps sit on top of your poles to enable you to attach the trampoline netting.
  • Trampoline Skirts | Covers

    Trampoline Safety Skirts
    Trampoline Safety Skirts are vital to prevent children and pets from running under the trampoline when it is in use. Trampoline Covers can be put on your trampoline to help protect from leaves and bird muck.
  • Trampoline Ladder | Tie-Down

    Trampoline Tie-Down Kit
    Trampoline Ladders are helpful in aiding users on and off the trampoline, especially for younger children. Trampoline Tie-Down Kits come with webbing straps and ground stakes to anchor down your trampoline.
  • Jumpking Trampoline Spares

    Jumpking Trampoline Spares
    Jumpking trampoline spares for amost Jumpking trampolines. As an Authorised UK retailer, delivery of all parts is next working day. We stock pads, padding, netting, mats, toggles, ties and pole caps.
  • TP Trampoline Spares

    TP Trampoline Spares
    We offer a full range of TP trampoline spares including jump-mats, pads, enclosures, netting, padding and springs. Having sold TP trampolines since 2002, we know the TP Toys ranges inside out.

We have built our reputation by only selling quality parts for trampolines. If you look at the specification of many of our spare parts they far exceed our competition. Our trampoline pads use dense foam inners with pvc outers, so not only are they safe, they will not rot and fall apart. Our replacement trampoline netting is made of high grade polyester. Many customers have to replace their trampoline netting as it has fallen apart. Ours is very strong and durable so will last for a very long time.

We pay much attention to the finer details too. On items such as our trampoline mats, 8 rows of stitching are used, ensuring that the mat will not split. Our trampoline springs, available in 5.5", 7" and 8.5" lengths are fully galvanised so will not rust. We also have a full range of the smaller parts too, items such as pole clamps, foam sleeves, caps for the tops of enclosure poles and steel enclosure poles in varying lengths.

We try to make our website as informative and easy to use as possible but selecting the right replacement trampoline parts can be confusing, especially with items such as enclosures and jump mats. We aim to give a huge amount of information against each product on our website, so please take the time to read the specification and check that it matches that of your trampoline.

If you need any help, please email us or call us on 01276 855600. We have been selling trampolines since 2002 and help out 1000's of families each year with spares for their trampolines, so we know what we are doing.

Though we cannot stock every part for every trampoline, we think that for the major manufacturers such as TP, Plum and Jumpking, we have got most bases covered. Look out for our end of season sale each autumn when great savings are available on many trampoline spare parts and accessories.