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Trampoline Nets

We sell high quality netting designed to last 5-10 years in a choice of three different styles all built to the same quality.
Outside the Padding Inside the Padding Sleeved
Outside Net Inside Net Sleeved Net
  • Attaches to the top of pole
  • Comes outside the padding
  • Attaches to D-ring under the padding
  • Attaches to the top of pole
  • Comes inside the padding
  • Attaches to D-ring inside the padding
  • Net is attached to the sleeves
  • Comes outside the padding
  • Attaches to D-ring under the padding
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    How do I know I am ordering the correct netting?

    When ordering a replacement trampoline net from us, please ensure that you order the correct one. Firstly check the size of your trampoline measured from the edge of frame to edge of frame.

    Then check the number of enclosure poles that your trampoline has. Virtually every 8ft trampoline has 3 sets of legs and 6 poles, whilst with 10ft trampolines, about 60% have 4 sets of legs (8 poles) and 40% have 3 sets of legs (6 poles). With both 12ft and 14ft trampolines, about half have 4 sets of legs (8 poles) and the other have 6 sets of legs (6 poles). 99% of 13ft trampolines will have 4sets of legs. Different nets are needed in each case.

    Which is the best style of netting?

    There is no right or wrong when it comes to trampoline netting, there are pros and cons to all three types. If you are replacing the netting on your existing enclosure poles, stick with the style that you currently have, but if you are starting from scratch, the choice is down to personal preference.

    In 2013, we launched our two new ranges of trampoline netting, ‘Inside nets’ and ‘Sleeved nets’. As the name suggests, inside netting is that which attaches to the trampoline inside the frame pads. Though this style does make the trampoline feel slightly claustrophobic as the user is closer to the netting, inside netting does have the advantage of keeping the user further away from the enclosure poles.

    A sleeved net is one where the netting is sewn directly on to a sleeve which then slides down the enclosure pole. With sleeved netting the netting the goes outside the padding, in the same way that our Outside Netting does.

    Our Outside Netting is by far our most popular style. The netting attaches on to caps on top of the enclosure poles and then hangs inside the pole, but goes outside the padding before attaching to the underside of trampoline.

    We try to ensure that our website is as clear as possible, but if you are not 100% clear, please pick up the phone as we will be pleased to help

    Can the netting be left out all year?

    All of the netting that we supply is made of very durable materials and is designed to be left out all year. If you buy a cheap grade of trampoline net the chances are that it will not be rot proof nor UV stabilised so will deteriorate in the average cold and damp British winter

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