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Jumpking Trampolines

Jumpking are now one of the largest trampoline manufacturers in the world, with over 1000 trampolines sold every day...

Their patented JumpPod design features a unique connector that allows their trampolines to be amongst the best looking, most durable and safest trampolines in the world. Jumpking make many different specifications and we offer a choice of three different ranges all at the quality end of the spectrum.

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Assembly - What you need to know

There are three options available to you:


Each trampoline comes with full instructions and we have spent a great deal of time developing these with Jumpking, so we are confident that the instructions are as good as any out there and that self-assembly is sensible option.

We are at the end of the phone 6 days a week, so if you get stuck at any stage, give us a call and we can talk you through it. The only tools that you will need are a small Phillips screwdriver to do up a dozen screws and a spanner to do-up the 6 bolts on the ladder. Each Jumpking trampoline comes with a ‘spring-pull’ tool to help you put on the springs. Don’t forget that you will need a certain amount of ‘muscle’ to put up any trampoline and it is easier if you have two people. 80% of our customers happily put up their own trampolines.

Certainly any round Jumpking trampoline is much easier to put up than their oval cousins. The frame on a round trampoline has many identical parts whilst on an oval trampoline there are quite a few different parts and though they are clearly labelled, it is definitely easier working with many parts that are all the same. Also the frame on a round trampoline is of a thinner gauge than an oval trampoline. To ensure frame stability on the oval trampolines, the frame is made of thicker steel, which weighs more and consequently is harder to work with. In conclusion, if you have a few spare hours, access to a second pair of hands and are relatively fit and strong, you will have no problem putting up your trampoline.

Trampoline DIY Assembly

Use a local handyman

Trampoline Handyman Assembly

Use a local handyman or student – If you don’t have the time or inclination to put up your trampoline, there is always a good pool of local handymen or students local to you looking for casual work, so you might want to consider this.

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Our assembly service is what 20% of our customers choose as all of our installers are fully trained, turn up on time and are always courteous and polite and they will even take away all the rubbish. Clearly you can rest assured that your trampoline will be assembled properly. You will be glad to know that we give you a precise time, none of this ’Am’ or ‘Pm ‘ time slots.

Against each trampoline we detail the price of the assembly service and the postcodes where we can assemble. If you are just outside the postcode area, please give us a call as we may still be able to help. Normally we can assemble within a couple of days of your order, though in peak times ( April-July) it can take up to a week for a slot to be available.

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What's the difference between a Classic, Deluxe and Ultra?

The Different Ranges:

As a huge global manufacturer producing 60% of the worlds’ trampolines Jumpking offer a vast variety of specifications but as a retailer of premium quality trampolines, we only sell their top 3 ranges, so whichever you go for, you are assured of buying a durable trampoline with a great bounce. There are though subtle differences between the three ranges that affect the durability and bounce quality. The full details of these are found against each product on our website, but in summary:

Component Parts:
Classic/Premium Classic
Number of springs
Length of springs
Standard 7"
Enhanced 8.5"
Enhanced 8.5"
Jump Mat
Standard Polypropylene
Standard Polypropylene
Enhanced Armourweave
Frame Padding quality
Thicker and stronger
Thicker and stronger
Enclosure Foams
Accessories Included
Very few
A few more
All you need

More and better springs make for a better bounce, so if your budget allows, it is worth considering the 8.5” springs on the Deluxe and Ultra models. The Armorweave bounce mat on the Ultra model also makes for a better bounce, so if you want the very best bounce go for an Ultra trampoline. The more you pay for a Jumpking trampoline, the better its durability, the less likely parts are to need replacing. We run a trampoline parts business too, so we know all about the frequency that parts might wear out and the cost of replacement parts. Again we would recommend spend as much as you can on a trampoline as it is going to sit outside in all weathers and your children will give it a good pounding every time they go on it!

Trampoline Parts
Happy Kids Trampolining

Finally, remember that trampolines are not one hit wonders, every month your child will get hours of fun on their trampoline. Of all the things that you buy your children, you will get the best value per £1 spent with a trampoline. They will (hopefully) be hugely grateful and you will be delighted that they are not in the house on Facebook!

The Different Sizes:

Being a large manufacturer, Jumpking are able to offer a choice of three different sized round trampolines and four oval. Very few other manufactures can offer this breadth of choice. Choosing the right size trampoline is important as if the trampoline is too small for the user, they will not enjoy it as much as they might. Clearly we all have different sized gardens, so cannot all buy a trampoline as large as we might want.

As a general rule, we would recommend the following age/size guide:

10ft Round
Under 13 years
12ft and 14ft Round
11.5ft x 8ft Oval
Under 8 years
13ft x 9ft Oval
Under 13 years
15ft x 10ft Oval
17ft x 14ft Oval

We always recommend that you buy as large a trampoline as your budget and garden will allow. The bigger a trampoline is, the safer and more fun it is and don’t forget that you will have the trampoline for 5-10 years and your children will only grow during this period.

The Different Shapes:

Do I go for round or oval? There are two sets of factors to consider, how well the shape works in your garden and how good the bounce of the trampoline is. Everyone has a spot in the garden where they want to put their trampoline, so this is normally the deciding factor as to what shape to go for.

If you have a huge garden, so size and shape is not a consideration, it is worth considering the following:

The bounce on a round trampoline is better than an oval. When you bounce in the middle of a round trampoline, you pull equally on all of the springs, so every spring is working to create a great bounce. When you bounce in the middle of an oval trampoline, the springs at the side are having to work very hard, whilst those at the end are being used less, the bounce is not as efficient as it might be.

Round Trampoline
Oval Trampoline

On an oval trampoline there are two distinct ends so if you are going to allow two people on at a time (which we do not recommend) they each have a distinct jump area. In conclusion, if the trampoline is being used one at a time, go round, but if two at a time go oval.

All of this said, bear in mind that all of the above differences are fairly marginal, so don’t worry that if you get X trampoline not Y trampoline that you are going to end up with an unhappy child. All Jumpking trampolines offer a great bounce!

How safe are Jumpking trampolines?

Jumpking trampolines are built with safety in mind:

• The netting is fully attached at the bottom to the jump mat, so fingers and toes cannot come in to contact with the springs

• The netting is very well made and is nice and tight so if you happen to fall against it, it will do its job. Importantly too, the netting is positioned about a foot away from the enclosure poles, so it is nearly impossible to fall against the enclosure poles

• The enclosure poles have a thick foam covering, so in the very unlikely event of the user hitting a pole, they will not injure themselves, especially as there is a certain amount of flex in the poles

Oval Trampoline

Please note that though parents are understandably concerned about trampoline safety, it is not the trampoline itself that is unsafe, it is the users! Each trampoline comes with a full set of ‘How to bounce safely ‘ instructions and we encourage all parents to educate their children on these. It is children bouncing incorrectly that causes most trampoline accidents, not a design fault in the trampoline.

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