Pad Colour

Standard pads

Affordable quality; our standard pads are 20mm thick, 33cm wide and have 2 year warranty.
Standard pads

10FT10ft Standard Trampoline Pads - Green

Was Now £57.99
Standard pads

12FT12ft Standard Trampoline Pads

Was Now £63.99
Standard pads

12FT12ft Standard Trampoline Pads - Blue

Was Now £63.99

Was Now

Premium quality pads

Exceptional quality; our premium pads are 25mm thick, 36cm wide and have 3 year warranty.
Premium pads

8FT8ft Premium Trampoline Pads - Green

Was Now £63.99
Premium pads

10FT10ft Premium Trampoline Pads - Green

Was Now £79.99
Premium pads

12FT12ft Premium Trampoline Pads

Was Now £89.99
Premium pads

14FT14ft Premium Trampoline Pads

Was Now £98.99

Commercial Pads

As used in trampoline parks; the most durable trampoline pad available!
Commercial grade pads

12FT 12ft Commercial Grade Trampoline Pads - Green

Was Now £139.99
Commercial grade pads

14FT14ft Commercial Grade Trampoline Pads - Green

Was Now £149.99

About our Trampoline Pads

Our pads come in 3 grades, Standard and Premium and commercial.

They are available in blue and green colours and both options come with a long warranty and are now available for 8,10,12 and 14 ft round trampolines.

What makes a good quality trampoline pad?

Trampoline pads are one of the most common parts of trampolines that need to be replaced. A good quality set of pads should last 5-10 years. Lesser materials such as PE will be affected by extremes of heat and cold, as well as damp, and within one or two seasons will start to perish.

Many manufacturers will talk about how thick and wide their pads are and clearly they need to be reasonably thick and wide to be safe, but their durability also needs to be considered. PVC is a common material for making trampoline pads and offers a reasonable degree of durability, but check how thick the PVC itself is (as opposed to the padding material inside). If the PVC is only a couple of millimetres thick it will not be as durable as a good quality PVC that is perhaps 5mm thick.

Bear in mind also that on some pads, the top side may be PVC but often the underside is made of an inferior material. The foam inside needs to be thick enough to cushion the user – if the foam is less than 15mm it will not provide adequate protection.

Both our Standard and Premium pads are of a top-end quality and designed to be left out all year. If you buy cheaper grade pads, they will deteriorate over the winter.

About our Commercial grade trampoline pads

We now also stock a Commercial Grade pad, these are pads which are designed for commercial use such as on bungee trampolines or in play farms and centres where they would generally be used in a harder and more frequent fashion than a normal domestic trampoline. These do, however, fit 99% of 12ft and 14ft domestic trampolines so this may be the pad for you if you want the most robust pad on the market.

Trampoline pad maintenance

We're often asked about maintenance of the pads. In terms of keeping your trampoline pads clean, they can be wiped with a small amount of cleaning fluid. If the dilution is too strong, the chemicals in the cleaner may harm the padding material or take out the dye used. If you do use a cleaning fluid, make sure that it is well rinsed off with warm water.