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Aside from looking fantastic & blending in seamlessly with your lawn, an in-ground trampoline encourages a safer, 'free-play' experience where kids can play independently, without the risk of falling from height.

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In-ground Trampoline

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About Capital Play

Capital Play has been selling and manufacturing trampolines since 2000 and has become the leading designer, supplier and specialist of in-ground trampolines to UK homes, schools and commercial organisations.

With our head office and design team based in the UK we now sell our market-leading in-ground trampoline kits all over the world, from the UK to USA, to Australia and Germany.
Just give us a call on 01276 855600 or email and we will talk you through your options.

Why choose a Capital Play In-ground Trampoline?

Stronger, safer component parts built to EU safety standards

Patented ‘Vented Pads’ mean that air flows through the trampoline pads easily and gives an excellent bounce.

Our unique systems with built in retaining wall means less digging.

We have the largest choice of shapes and sizes, from 8ft round to our best-selling 14 x 10ft rectangular.

We're the experts! We live and breathe in-ground trampolines. Watch our install videos, read our blog, follow our clear instructions & contact our helpful team to answer your questions.

Why are in-ground (sunken) trampolines so popular?

In-ground trampolines are far more sympathetic towards you garden design than an above ground trampoline as they don’t visually dominate a garden in the same way.

In-ground trampolines also open up a whole new world of trampoline games and exercises, incorporating the whole breadth of the garden rather than being confined just to the area within a trampoline enclosure.

Safe trampolines

In-ground trampolines are also arguably safer than above ground trampolines as there is no height to fall from if the enclosure zip is not correctly fastened as this tends to be the cause of most “serious” trampoline injuries.

Accessible trampolines

Sunken trampolines can also offer ease of access for small children and those with restricted mobility and so encourage independent play/exercise. The benefits of “Rebound Exercise” and “Rebound Therapy” have become increasingly apparent over recent years and in-ground trampolines have become a big part of this movement.

Why Capital Play?

Popular with both young and old alike, the sunken trampolines we offer are all to the highest specification with the Capital In-Ground Trampoline Kit currently acting as the market leader in terms of design and quality.

Capital Play designed and built the first purpose built in-ground trampoline kit in 2012. Since then, we have developed and used innovative technologies to create the best quality, safest trampoline for your family.