10ft (Green) 10ft Trampoline Pads For 8 Pole Jumpking Trampolines

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Suitable for 10ft Jumpking Trampolines with 8 enclosure poles such as the Jumpking JumpPod Capital Ultra and Super Deluxe ranges.

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Jumpking use good quality trampoline pads. However, they may need replacing after many years of use. These pads are suitable for either the Jumpking JumpPod Capital Ultra or Super Deluxe trampoline ranges. Replacing worn pads not only improves safety, but also improves the overall look of the trampoline. Your original pads may have been the classic green or blue colour, and your trampoline will measure 10ft from one side of the metal frame to the other.

  • Suitable for both the Jumpking JumpPod Deluxe and Jumpking Capital Ultra ranges. Your trampoline should measure 10ft from one side of the metal frame to the other.

  • Comes complete with ties and openings for your surround poles to slot into.

  • We do not want you to order the wrong part for your Jumpking Trampoline, so if you are in any doubt as to what trampoline you have and what parts you need replacing please call us on 01276 855600.

Performance & quality

alt text Do I have a 10ft Jumpking JumpPOD Capital Ultra/Super Deluxe Trampoline? There are 4 things that define which Jumpking Model you have. Please check: || Your trampoline measures 10ft in diameter from one side of the metal frame to the other. || The metal poles for the enclosure fit into the framework of the trampoline through a hole in the padding - they do NOT clamp on the outside. ||Your springs measure 8.5 inches from hook to hook. || Your trampoline has 8 enclosure poles not 4.
alt text Can I use these pads on my Jumpking OvalPOD Classic Trampoline? These pads are not compatible with the JumpPOD Classic trampoline, as the Classic range uses 7" springs, which are shorter than the Ultra/Super Deluxe 8.5"" springs but more importantly the Classic has 4 enclosure poles not 8, which is the correct number for these pads.

Specification & warranty

12ft Jumpking Pads
Padding foam 25mm thick closed cell foam
Padding width 33cm
Pad covering Laminated vinyl
Supplier Jumpking
Warranty 2 years
Tools needed None
Assembly time 20 minutes
10ft Trampoline Pads For 8 Pole Jumpking Trampolines - SKU: X/JKPA200