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Trampoline Rebound

Adults and children with autism can suffer from severe anxiety. Controlled bouncing and Rebound Therapy exercises can help alleviate this and has a strong calming effect.

The Rebound Therapy Organisation have recently approved our 14ft x 10ft Rectangular In-ground Trampoline.

What is Rebound Therapy?

Rebound Therapy uses trampolines to provide therapeutic exercises for people with a wide variety of disabilities and additional needs. The effect of deep pressure and weightlessness together has many positive effects on the brain, and can help with a range of behaviours often seen in people on the autistic spectrum, from increased concentration -
to an increased sense of calm.

Tactile Defensiveness

It has been observed that tactile defensiveness reduces or, in some cases disappears completely with Rebound Therapy, reducing the anxiety of being touched.


In some cases of autism, a persons perception of the world around them can lead to them tapping their surroundings in order to establish where they are in relation to the world and objects around them. The sensation of bouncing helps them centre where their body is.

Increased Concentration

It has been observed by teachers in autistic schools that there is a significant increase in concentration amongst children after they have experienced a session of bouncing.

Other bouncing benefits include: 

Increased patience
 Self confidence
 Spatial awareness
 Body awareness
 Sense of calm

Why have the Rebound Therapy Organisation approved our 14ft x 10ft rectangular In Ground Trampoline?

• Rectangular shape allows for better balance and therefore more stability when exercising on own or with a carer.

• Rectangular shape more suitable for using with a hoist, especially for wheelchair users

• Full, half and corner net options

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