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Round Trampolines

Round trampolines have the best bounce of any shape of trampoline as when the user bounces in the middle there is an equal pull on all of the springs...

It is also worth noting that some round trampolines have 7" long springs, whilst higher quality ranges such as the Jumpking JumpPod Deluxe range, use 8.5" long springs. This extra spring length gives an even better, softer and deeper bounce, so though you may pay a little bit more for a trampoline with 8.5" springs, it is well worth considering.

We have sold round trampolines since we opened for business in 2002 and though there are new shapes on the market, such as Jumpking Oval trampolines, we are still huge fans of the round shape. When you bounce in the middle of a round trampoline, you are pulling on all of the springs in equal measure, so the bounce is very good. When you bounce on an oval trampoline, some of the springs are further away than others, so the bounce is not as true as on a round trampoline.

Though we would never recommend more than one user at a time, we are aware that many of our customers allow more than one user at a time. With this in mind, it is worth remembering that the dynamics of a round trampoline are such that the user is pulled towards the middle. If you do intend to allow more than one child to use the trampoline at the same time, it is perhaps worth considering an oval shaped Jumpking trampoline, as multiple users are not pulled towards the middle.

Customers often ask us what size trampoline they should go for. Obviously we all have differing sized gardens, but our simple advice is always to buy as large a trampoline as you can as it is safer and more fun.

We have both round and oval trampolines for you to try out at our Display Site in Surrey, so you can judge for yourself and seek the advice of our experienced staff, who really do know what they are talking about. We stock over 100 trampolines, so if you wish, you can take your purchase home with you.

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