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4 tips for positioning your Trampoline safely

Once you have purchased a good quality trampoline from a reputable dealer you need to consider where you will be positioning the trampoline. Consider the following to keep you safe: Have you allowed at least 1.5m clearance all the way...

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6 steps to choosing the safest Trampoline

Buying a good quality trampoline can help to keep you safe. Here are some points you should consider when choosing your trampoline:  Does the trampoline have wide safety padding to protect the user from the springs? The padding should be wider...

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8 top tips to help you Trampoline safely

Used correctly trampolines are a great source of fun and exercise. In addition to reading the instructions and warnings that come with your trampolines, follow our trampoline safety guide to stay safe, fit and healthy and avoid trampoline accidents:  Only...

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Trampolining - Healthy Fun For All The Family

Trampoline fitness for all the family At any given time we have at least eight different trampoline models on show in our indoor display area for families to come and try before they buy. When visiting us there can often...

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