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How to protect your trampoline as autumn approaches

What an amazing Summer we've had - we bet the trampoline has had a fair bit of use this year! But there is definitely change in the air, kids are back at school and the mornings seem that little bit...

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Buying replacement parts for a trampoline

If your trampoline looks like this then it's time to consider buying some replacement parts. This might sound like a very dull topic, but as there are an estimated 2.7 million trampolines in Britain, there are a lot of parents...

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What to look for when buying trampoline frame padding?

The trampoline spares market is awash with what look like bargain priced trampoline frame pads, but we advise caution before you part with your hard earned cash and buy replacement pads that may not be wide enough for your trampoline...

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Trampoline Winter Survival Tips

Winter is tough on your trampoline but you can help it survive by following our guide. Winter can be the harshest season for your trampoline with strong winds, heavy rain and rotting leaves guaranteed. A good quality trampoline is made...

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