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In-Ground Trampolines

In-ground or sunken trampolines are becoming increasingly popular for good reason.

We've recently launched the new Capital In-ground Trampoline Kit designed specifically for in-ground use. This is the UK's first purpose-built in-ground trampoline - at a very affordable price.

Capital Play is also the UK distributor for Trampolines Down Under (TDU) for both their full-height Retaining Wall and patented Vented Pads
In-ground Trampolines
"We're delighted with our in-ground trampoline, much safer and looks great in our garden...the kids love it!"
Sophie Turner, Wandsworth 
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There are a number of different in-ground trampoline options for you to consider:

1. Capital In-ground Trampoline Kit
"Purpose-built in-ground trampoline including retaining wall. High specification, easy to install at an affordable price"
This is for you if: Capital In-ground Trampoline Kit
  • You do not have an existing trampoline that you want digging in.
  • You want a purpose-built trampoline designed for in-ground use.
  • You want a fully flush-to-ground trampoline with a high specification and high user weight limit.
  • You have reasonably firm soil you're digging into.
  • You wish to minimize the amount of soil removal needed (due to the unique design).
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2. Trampolines Down Under (TDU) Retaining Wall System
"High quality, full height retaining wall system designed to be used on traditional trampolines. Quick and easy to assemble"
This is for you if: Trampolines Down Under Retaining Wall
  • You have an existing normal trampoline that you want to dig in.
  • You're re-working an existing in-ground trampoline installation.
  • You're building up to the trampoline (as opposed to digging in) e.g. you have an existing hole such as an old pond (pictured right).
  • Your soil conditions are really poor and the Capital In-ground Trampoline Kits are not suitable.
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Recommendations: We recommend you use the top of range Jumpking Capital Ultra trampolines with the TDU Retaining Walls. We also recommend you swap the surround padding on these trampolines with the new TDU Vented Pads to improve bounce quality and avoid 'pad slap' noise.
3. Raised In-ground Trampolines
"Trampolines raised above the ground by about 1ft. Good budget solution...less soil excavation and soil removal needed"
This is for you if: Exit In Terra inground Trampoline
  • You're happy to have a trampoline raised above the ground.
  • You want to minimize cost, both the cost of the trampoline itself and soil excavation and removal costs.
  • You do not require a high specification trampoline or high user weight.
  • You're comfortable with the increased risk hazard of the raised platform and drop to ground-level.
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  • Capital In-ground Trampoline Kit

    Capital In-ground Trampoline Kit
    The Capital In-ground Trampoline range is the first purpose-built in-ground trampoline designed to fit flush with the ground.
    The complete kit includes a top specification trampoline with vented pads & retaining wall - all at a very affordable price.
  • In-ground Trampoline FAQ's

    In-ground Trampoline FAQ's
    Many of your questions and queries can be found on our FAQ page.
    Also don't forget we're very happy to advise on any aspect of your in-ground trampoline requirements and also undertake site visits - just call us on 01276 855600.
  • Capital In-ground Install Guide

    Quick Installation Guide
    Installing a Capital In-ground Trampoline is easier than you think.
    Comprehensive instructions are provided with your trampoline including how to dig your hole, but check out this quick guide first.
  • TDU Retaining Wall

    Trampolines Down Under Retaining Wall
    The Trampolines Down Under (TDU) Retaining Wall is a full-height wall system for use with any standard trampoline.
    This easy-to-use wall is particulary suitable when you have uneven or unstable ground and need to build up to the wall.
  • TDU Vented Pads

    Trampolines Down Under Vented Pads
    The patented Trampolines Down Under Vented Pads are ideal for in-ground trampolines. 
    These tough vented pads allow trapped air to escape which improves the bounce quality and also eliminates 'pad slap' noise.
  • Useful Videos

    Useful In-ground Trampoline Videos
    These videos will really help you see the benefits of in-ground trampolines as well as some of the features of the new Capital In-ground Trampoline Kit.
    Also check out some of the useful installation guides.
  • Raised In-ground Trampolines

    Raised In-ground Trampolines
    These trampolines are raised above the ground by about 30cm, so not a true flush-to-ground trampoline.
    They do however have the benefit of lower cost and less soil to dig out of the hole making this an economical solution.
  • Installers & Landscapers

    Installers & Landscapers
    If you need to find an installer for your in-ground trampoline, we have a list of approved installers in your area.
    If you're an installer/landscaper and interested in working with Capital Play, please contact us.
  • Commercial Trampolines

    Commercial In-ground Trampolines
    The Eurotramp range of commercial in-ground trampolines are suitable for non-supervised public play areas.
    These trampolines are very robust and vandal-proof. They conform to EN1176 Playground Equipment Safety Standard.