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Capital In-ground Trampoline Kits

Our In-ground Trampoline kits are the UK's first purpose-built trampolines designed specifically for in-ground use...

  • Heavy duty double frame
  • Commercial grade jump mat
  • Built-in retaining wall
  • 8.5" galvanised springs
  • Easy-fit safety net comes as standard

Plus the best airflow system on the market - TDU vented safety pads - giving you the ultimate safety & bounce performance.

Pad Colour


Rectangle trampolines have an even bounce across the trampoline, perfect for gymnastics and flips and tricks!
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14ft X 10ft Capital In-ground Trampoline

Was Now £995.00
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11ft X 8ft Capital In-ground Trampoline

Was Now £925.00
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10ft X 6ft Capital In-ground Trampoline

Was Now £775.00


A round in-ground trampoline will always give the best bounce in the middle of the trampoline.
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14ft Round Capital In-ground Trampoline

Was Now £975.00
£75 OFF

12ft Round Capital In-ground Trampoline

Was Now £885.00
£75 OFF

10ft Round Capital In-ground Trampoline

Was Now £795.00
£75 OFF

8ft Round Capital In-ground Trampoline

Was Now £685.00

Quality + performance

Built for performance and to last, nothing else comes close.

Easy installation!

Watch our installation video to find out more!

Why we're the best on the market?

The Capital In-Ground Trampolines are by far the highest specification sunken trampoline on the market and we are constantly making improvements to the design as new technologies become available.

We have been the leading UK supplier and manufacturer of in-ground trampolines for a number of years now and so have a wealth of knowledge and experience, which we are always happy to pass on to our customers in order to help you make the right decision on which trampoline would be most suitable for you.

Experienced Installers

We are also very experienced installers of in-ground trampolines and offer help and advice throughout our website, through our blog, over the phone or here at our display site. We love to innovate and are continuously bringing out new, fun accessories for your in-ground, from under trampoline lighting to basketball hoops whilst all the time keeping safety paramount in everything we do.

The trampolines have been designed with minimal soil disposal in mind, which helps to keep costs down in terms of installation and comes with full, detailed instructions, all of which can be downloaded from our website. We are also always happy to offer help and advice over the phone if you should need it.

If you decide you don’t want to attempt the installation yourself, then we have a large nationwide team of installers and are always happy to quote for installation.

Accessories and Spares

The Capital In-Ground Trampoline Kits also offer the widest range of accessories, including the Magic Night Lights (under trampoline lighting) and Basketball Hoops.

Our range also comes with a large range of safety enclosure options, including half nets, full nets, side nets and corner nets (specifically on the rectangular trampolines).

100% Unique TDU Vented Pads

The Capital In-Ground Trampoline Kit was the first purpose built trampoline to sit completely flush with the ground, other purpose built trampoline kits either sat just slightly above the ground (which can be a trip hazard) or the jump mat area sits just below the ground and the pads, which again has safety implications in terms of getting feet caught when jumping between the mat and the pads.

Other flush to the ground trampolines have been designed like this to allow trapped air below the trampoline to escape, to avoid “pad slap” noise. The Capital In-Ground Trampoline kit has solved this issue by having special vented pads, which allow the air to escape up between the springs and literally through the safety padding. This allows air to pass through the actual jump-mat itself therefore removing this issue of resistance against trapped air, giving a better bounce.