Trampoline Dodgeballs

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Turn your trampoline into a fun dodgeball court with these top quality coloured PVC coated foam balls.

The rules of trampoline dodgeball couldn't be more simple; opponents aim to hit each other with the soft dodgeballs whilst showing off their trampoline moves to avoid getting hit themselves!

These brilliantly soft play balls can be used for a variety of fun garden games both on and off the trampoline and are light and soft enough not to cause any injury whilst the PVC coating makes them heavy enough to throw long distances and being PVC coated they will not fall apart.

  • Top quality not a cheap imitation
  • 16cm PVC coated foam balls
  • Choose from set of 2 or 4
  • Perfect for a variety of trampoline games
  • Soft foam makes these balls suitable for all ages
  • Extra coating so suitable for outdoor play
  • Fun! - Makes trampolining even more fun!

Specification & warranty

Trampoline dodgeballs set of 2 Trampoline dodgeballs set of 4
Supplier Capital Play Capital Play
Ages 3+ 3+
** Colour** Blue and Red Blue, Red, green and Yellow
** Size** 16cm diameter 16cm diameter
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Set of 2 - SKU: CPTG040
Set of 4 - SKU: CPTG050


No assembly required!