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Trampolines for Teens

Trampolines are an excellent fun activity for children of all ages, but if you are looking for a trampoline to keep older kids and teenagers entertained then Swedish designed 'North Trampolines' are a wise choice.North brings you:  A 7ft High Net,...

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What is the best brand of trampoline to buy?

During COVID lockdown being able to send the kids out into the garden as much as possible can’t be underestimated. A trampoline is the perfect addition to your garden and will be central to all garden activities and provide hours of...

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Gymnastics training on a trampoline at home

During this time of isolation due to the Corona Virus Gymnasts and Trampolinists are bringing their training regimes home.  @what.lyra.did is a Gymnast and Diver on the UK Talent Team, she finds her trampoline improves her power and core strength...

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North JumpGames - connecting jumpers all over the world

North JumpGames tracks every move of the jumper and takes trampoline jumping to the 21st century. With JumpGames you gain experience in every single jump that increase your level and the app is full of fun games and challenges for...

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North trampoline up-cycle project

Look what happens when talented designers from the University of Gävle, Sweden, redesign North trampolines. We are excited to be the only UK distributor of North trampoline; a company that shares are values. The main objective of this projects was to...

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Interview with Springfree trampoline

Read our interview with Steve Whalley - Head of Bouncing from Springfree Trampolines and find out the history behind Springfree and what makes them unique.  Where do Springfree trampolines originate from, are they a UK company? Springfree are a truly global business...

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