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The best trampoline for Adults 2021

  We have seen how popular North Trampolines have been since hitting the UK at the beginning of 2020, but what we didn’t expect was the amount of feedback we’d get from parents telling us how much they are loving their kids’ new...

By team CP

Capital Play - Trampoline Install (Customer Video)

Earlier this Summer, team CP installed a Capital In-ground Trampoline for a lovely family in Surrey. Sarah Jutsum, Mum of 3, kindly filmed and shared the whole process! The trampoline was installed in one day, with a little extra help from...

By team CP

Super Dad's large trampoline lockdown upgrade!

Dad of the week goes to Pete Jones for upgrading the family 10ft round Capital In-ground for a 14x10ft one. Old and new dug with his own fair hands.Camberley based Pete put lockdown to good use and invested his time into installing...

By team CP

Trampolines for Teens

Trampolines are an excellent fun activity for children of all ages, but if you are looking for a trampoline to keep older kids and teenagers entertained then Swedish designed 'North Trampolines' are a wise choice.North brings you:  A 7ft High Net,...

By team CP

Capital Play Sponsor Bounce-a-thon live at Virtual “stay at home festival” - Lowde Fest At Home!

This Saturday 6th June, Capital Play is proud to be running a sponsored trampoline bounce-athon as part of a unique “stay at home” family festival – Lowde Fest At Home. Hampshire’s Premier Music Festival; Lowde Fest, like many other festivals,...

By team CP

In-ground Trampoline Garden Transformation

@insideoutsidelife have completely transformed their new build's garden themselves over the last 3 years to include a Capital Play In-ground Trampoline.  Lots of planning went into it but we can see it's been worth it! An In-ground Trampoline was chosen mainly...

By team CP

What is the best brand of trampoline to buy?

During COVID lockdown being able to send the kids out into the garden as much as possible can’t be underestimated. A trampoline is the perfect addition to your garden and will be central to all garden activities and provide hours of...

By team CP

Trampoline Tennis

With Wimbeldon 2020 cancelled our customers are finding imaginative ways to enjoy their Tennis.  Thanks @mrsomo for sending us these 'Finished product - love it! Also love how clean and tidy everything has been left - so impressed'

By team CP

Learn how to flip on a Trampoline

Watch Capital Play's customer Finlay show you a step by step guide on how to land a front flip on an In-ground Trampoline. Warning: Doing flips on a trampoline can cause injury.    

By team CP

How to install an In-ground Trampoline

Now is the perfect time to install an in-ground trampoline whilst you and your family are self isolating. Once you have the trampoline all you need to do it get digging! What a great experience for the kids too.  First...

By team CP

Mountain bike tricks training at home on an in-ground trampoline

Jake Warfield showed us how being in self isolation hasn't stopped him MTB training.  "I like to use my bike on my Capital Play In-ground Trampoline because I can practise and learn new tricks in the air without leaving my...

By team CP

Trampoline family fun

We love seeing our customers having fun on their trampolines, but it was especially nice seeing this whole family sharing the fun with each other when they have to be apart during self isolation.    

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