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Round Trampolines from Capital Play 

We have sold round trampolines since we opened for business in 2002 and though there are new shapes on the market, such as Jumpking Oval trampolines, we are still huge fans of the round shape. When you bounce in the middle of a round trampoline, you are pulling on all of the springs in equal measure, so the bounce is very good. When you bounce on an oval trampoline, some of the springs are further away than others, so the bounce is not as true as on a round trampoline.


Some round trampolines have 7" long springs, whilst higher quality ranges such as the Jumpking JumpPod Deluxe range, use 8.5" long springs.

What's the difference?

A longer spring length gives an even better, softer and deeper bounce, so though you may pay a little bit more for a trampoline with 8.5" springs, it is well worth considering.

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