7 reasons to install an in-ground trampoline this autumn

1. The ground is softer for excavation

Generally speaking, installing a Capital In-ground Trampoline is a manageable DIY weekend job. However, the difficulty-level of excavation can vary depending on your type of soil, for instance clay is far harder to dig than sandy soil. Regardless of your type of soil you will benefit from the Autumn rain to soften the ground, as any gardener will tell you that digging into Summer-hardened soil can be a bit of a chore!

2. Cooling temperatures make labour easier

Whilst it’s delightful to be sitting in the Summer sun sipping a cool glass of lemonade, its not quite as delightful if you are doing manual labour.

A cloudy day can be an absolute godsend for installing an in-ground trampoline as Sam our chief installer and his team will swear to!

 3. Easier to book installation of your trampoline

If the thought of digging the hole yourself fills you with dread (it’s really not that bad!) then Autumn is one of the best times to book an installation, either through Capital Play or your local landscaper. This is because the Summer months are prime garden landscaping time and most landscapers do 80% of their years work in just 6-8 months so you may well pay a premium for their services at this time. But wait until Autumn and availability goes up whilst the cost for their services goes down. 

Kids playing on in-ground trampoline

4. Get kids outside as the days shorten

We all want to get our kids outside and away from electronic devices as much as possible. This is not too difficult in the Summer when the sunshine beckons but as the days shorten and the weather grows cooler it can be a harder task. However, never underestimate the lure of a trampoline amongst kids, especially an in-ground one, which is so easily accessible.

Trampolining is an excellent outdoor activity and helps keep kids fit and healthy over the Winter months when they’re less inclined to venture outdoors.

5. Easier to keep clear of Autumn leaves than an above ground trampoline

Forget about crawling around on a wet trampoline trying to clear it of Autumn leaves and winter debris. An in-ground trampoline is super-easy to keep clean as leaves can simply be brushed off the surface with a simple garden broom, leaving it instantly clean and ready for play!


6. Make the most of your Magic Night Lights especially at Halloween!

As those who have installed the magic night lights will testify; THEY ARE FUN!

Whilst under-trampoline lighting can look very cool on a hot summer night during a long barbecue evening they can be even more fun on a spooky Halloween evening when they can light up your little goblin in a beautifully fiendish way!

Whether you choose to hardwire the lights up to your nearest power source or simply run an extension lead up to them, these lights really do add an extra dimension to your trampoline!

7. Fun Autumn project to take the edge off the vanishing Summer

And finally, we all heave a a heavy sigh when we see the sun going down early in the evenings so making the most of those Autumn days can be a real tonic. Planning a new piece of garden play equipment can really take the edge off the fading Summer days and gives you plenty of reason to spend some more time in your garden.

For more information on in-ground trampolines please contact Capital Play on 01276 855600 or contact us here to request further information.