North trampoline up-cycle project

Look what happens when talented designers from the University of Gävle, Sweden, redesign North trampolines. We are excited to be the only UK distributor of North trampoline; a company that shares are values.

The main objective of this projects was to extend the life of premium trampoline components by creating new, innovative and sustainably made products.

The brief was given to five groups of industrial design students at the University of Gävle by North Trampoline to simultaneously improve the sustainability of their production, expand their product ranges, and thereby break into new markets.
The result is five different sports and lifestyle products which improve the physical and mental well-being of North Trampoline’s users.

All products have been created by up-cycling old trampoline components facing an otherwise imminent disposal and have instead been given a second life. This method minimises the extensive manufacturing processes and reduces harmful emissions drastically.

North Upcycle

A promo bench that uses nothing but a set of joints and old trampoline components.

Found at events such as sports camps or exhibitions, the bench forms a comfy seat that draws attention to the trampoline brand. Clearly made of unaltered trampoline parts, the bench creates a natural talking point. It showcases and encapsulates the brand’s innovative spirit and focus on sustainability.

The bench can be easily assembled using a screwdriver. Impressively, one single trampoline can be turned into a total of four benches!

North Upcycle

Although football is the world’s most popular sport, we seldom see kids playing football by themselves. This is because fetching the ball quickly gets boring. This goal makes it fun to play alone! Furthermore, it encourages kids to go out and play instead of sitting indoors, slouching in front of a screen.

The ReGoal consists of the safety net, frame and mat of a single trampoline. It only requires a small amount of work to reconstruct the components. The tightened, angled net ensures that wherever the player shoots the ball, it will come bouncing back to them creating endless fun.

North Upcycle

A relaxing lounger to chill out on with your family and friends.
If the day comes when the backyard trampoline is no longer wanted, the Chill offers the option of resurrecting it into this spacious lounger. In fact, the Chill can easily be adapted back and forth between a lounger and a trampoline. This means it will be used far more often as the users’ needs change.

The flexibility of the Chill is made possible by the use of unaltered trampoline components combined with a small kit of joints and a re-sewn mat.

North Upcycle


A serene hammock for collecting your thoughts, in the open or in your own safe space.

Mental health problems are increasingly common today. To combat this problem, the Intro/Extro offers a special place to wind down and escape from daily stress. It has a collapsible cover that can either be folded up, creating a relaxing and cosy shelter, or folded down to let the user fully embrace the surroundings. Even when closed, the semi-permeable cover filters in rays of sunlight, birdsong and fragrances of nature, all ideal for peaceful serenity.

The stylish hammock is made of a reconstructed trampoline frame and mat, and the cover is made of a safety net with glass fibre rods.

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