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Trampolines Down Under - behind the company

The first thing to say is that Trampolines Down Under (TDU) is NOT an Aussie company! The company is based in Utah, USA and very much American. 'Down Under' refers to 'under' the ground. The inspiration behind the business The...

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Top Tips for Digging a Trampoline into the Ground

Top Tips for Installing an In-ground Trampoline Installing an in-ground trampoline is easier than ever, but a bit of careful research and planning will help make your project a great success and you'll have problem-free trampolining for years to come....

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How to Install a Sunken Trampoline

Everyone loves sunken trampolines (also known as in-ground, ground level or even pit trampolines) for many good reasons. There has always however been a resistance to installing a sunken trampoline due to issues such as cost, drainage, soil removal and...

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