8ft trampolines

8ft round trampolines are perfect for smaller gardens but due to their limited size are very much a single user trampoline and are not ideally suited to teenagers who do not have the space to really enjoy themselves.

If space is limited why not consider an 8ft wide oval or rectangular trampoline?  We offer a great range of North, Springfree and Jumpking oval and rectangular trampolines.

8ft Trampolines

Perfect for smaller gardens where space is limited. Do also consider a longer oval trampoline with an 8ft width.
8ft  Round Capital In-ground Trampoline
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8ft Round Capital In-ground Trampoline

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8FT Springfree Compact Round Trampoline - R54

8FTSpringfree Compact Round Trampoline - R54

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Trampolines for small gardens

We offer a great range of small trampolines, the most popular being the Springfree R54 round trampoline. This measures 8ft in diameter but as it is a springless trampoline, there is not the need for padding to go over the springs.

As a result, the whole 8ft diameter is jumping space so you get the same jump space as a traditional 10ft trampoline for just an 8ft space in your garden! Even though Springfree trampolines are not the cheapest, their space saving design ensures that many of our customers choose them.