Fort Top (for Monkey Climber)

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Add an exciting 'Fort Top' to your Homefront Monkey Climber to add height and adventure for your little ones. 


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    Fireman's pole made from strong powder-coated steel. 0.10m x 0.55m. Available in red.

    Super Slide 4.4m

    Super long 4.4m tough polyethylene wave slide for 1.5m decks; use instead of the standard wave slide. 0.5m x 2.65m. Available in green.

    Monkey Bar Connector

    Hand-over-hand ladder, complete with two access ladders and climbing rope. 0.60m x 2.45m

    Homefront Wall

    Standard wall (Includes half wall and spiral slide wall).

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    Key features

    • Limitless Layout Options - The frames are modular so you can configure your system to suit your children and the space available in the garden
    • Californian Southern Yellow Pine - Ultra durable, pressure treated and beautifully finished wood that prevents splinters & encourages years of play
    • Flexibility - Adapt your system over the years to grow with your children
    • Warranty - 15 year on wood and 1 year on all other parts
    • What Next? - Call us on 01276 855 600 to discuss your brief with our one of our highly knowledgeable team members

    Specification & warranty

    Dimensions & Layout Options Call Capital Play to discuss your requirements on 01276 855600. You can change the layout to suit your space and requirements.
    Material & Construction Commercial-grade Californian Southern Yellow Pine; wood-on-wood construction for double security and guaranteed against rot and insect attack. 6"x2" four-way deck joists, massive 6"x4" swing beams with double 4"x4" swing support, recessed steel hardware, fully rounded timber edges
    Optional Accessories Home Front has an awesome range of optional accessories and add-ons to really personalise your play frame
    Lifetime Guarantee We are so confident in the durability of our timber that we guarantee it for as long as you own the equipment! All fixtures come with a 12 month guarantee. Ask us for further details.
    Fort Top (for Monkey Climber) - SKU: HFMC020


    What’s the Difference?

    A question that we get asked a lot is ‘what’s the difference?’. When doing your research, you’ll come across an array of wooden climbing frames that, whilst they may look the same, vary hugely in cost. This comes down to three key answers:

    1. Quality of Wood: Whilst most systems are made of pine, the quality & origin of that pine will vary significantly. Pine from one forest in Eastern Europe will be very different to, for example, Southern Yellow Pine from California (which we use). The quality of the wood will depend on growth rate and density. The denser the wood and the longer the growth rate, the better the quality of wood - and, ultimately, the longer a climbing frame will last (and is much less likely to splinter and crack over time)

    2. Treatment: Again, treatment will vary depending on the cost of the system; less expensive systems are painted (or tanilised) which is as much for aesthetics as for (limited) protection against rot. More expensive systems are pressure treated. This is wood that has been infused with preservatives to protect the wood from rot and insects.

    3. Finish: The more you invest, the better the components you’ll benefit from (commercial grade swing hangers, zinc coated bolts etc). Combined with the increased quality of the wood, this will ensure that you have a frame that provides brilliant, robust, splinter free play for a generation of children.

    How Much Space Do I Need for a Wooden Climbing Frame?

    Whatever the dimensions are of the frame that you buy, bear in mind that you need a safety-zone around it. For home as opposed to commercial use in a play-ground or at a school, there are no hard and fast rules, but as guidance the following safety zones should be allowed for around pieces of play equipment:

    What Size of Play Equipment Do I Want For The Age Of My Children?

    When considering ‘size’ we are not necessarily considering the length and breadth, but the height, the height of the swings, the slide etc. One of the biggest mistakes that mum and dad make is to buy a climbing frame that has a low platform height and consequently a low roof height. Though there is a certain appeal to this as this will be cheaper and look less opposing in the garden, if the climbing frame is too low, the slide will be shallow and the climbing elements not over challenging.

    What Timber Should It Be Made Of?

    90% of climbing frames sold in the UK are made of pine and though this sounds like it could be vastly inferior to a hardwood such as oak, remember that there are different types and grades of pine. A good quality pine such as Scandinavian Redwood, as used by Home Front Climbing Frames is nearly a hard-wood and should last just as long.

    Do I Go For Round Pole Or Square Timber Frames?

    TP Toys and Houtland, both major manufacturers, used to make towers from round 4” timber. Though there is nothing particularly wrong with a round pole system, round timers are more prone to having splits and warping over time. These days most systems are made of planned and finished square timber which is inherently stronger and though it is subjective, better looking than a round timber.

    Do I Need Safety Surfacing?

    This is a question that is often asked. The simple answer is that if your wooden climbing frame is situated on an average lawn and does not have a Critical Fall Height of over 2.0m, you do not need Safety Surfacing.

    What Surfacing Options Are There?

    Wet Pour


    We offer a complete installation service throughout mainland UK. Exclusions and surcharges apply in certain postcodes. Please call us on 01276 855600 for details.