14ft X 10ft Capital In-ground Trampoline

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Our biggest and best selling rectangular trampoline with an amazing bounce.

At 14ft x 10ft, this In Ground trampoline is a great choice for budding gymnasts, larger families and older kids who enjoy more room to play freely. This high quality in-ground trampoline kit comes with everything you need for easy DIY installation in your own garden.

The 14ft x 10ft Capital In-ground Trampoline kit comes with a choice of green pads or grey pads. You can select your pad colour below. 

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Landscape Grade Weed Membrane

This tough, heavy duty weed membrane will prevent weeds developing under your trampoline and assist with drainage. Comes complete with fixing pegs.


14ft x 10ft In-ground Trampoline Cover

High quality cover designed for use on the Capital 14ft x 10ft In-ground Trampoline. The cover is designed to protect from sunlight and dirt.

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Back in stock 1st September


In-ground Trampoline Basketball Hoop

The latest accessory for your in-ground trampoline, this basketball hoop comes with a free ball and pump.
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Back in stock 25th September

  • Everything you need Our complete in-ground trampoline kit includes the trampoline, retaining wall and clear instructions.
  • Brilliant bounce Its’ all about the springs. Our in-ground trampolines are the only ones to use a commercial grade spring, we make them extra-long and we use 33% more springs than our competitors.
  • Shhhh We are the only company to use the 100% unique TDU Vented Frame Pads - all the air escapes through the padding, eliminating that irritating pad slap noise.
  • Easy installation We designed our trampolines for DIY installation. Don’t just take our word for it, read our Customer Reviews.
  • Safety as standard All our in-ground trampolines now come with a full safety net included as standard. Our safety nets slot easily in and out of the trampoline frame and can be added or removed in just a few minutes.
  • Long lasting From German steel to Italian springs, our trampolines are built using only the highest quality European materials.
  • Colour options Choose from green or grey pads. We find green looks great in more traditional gardens as it blends in with lawns and shrubs, whereas grey pads look excellent in modern garden designs.
  • Digging not your thing? We offer an expert installation service in most areas.

Performance & quality

alt text DualTek double strength frame Made from 2mm thick galvanised steel our frame is extremely strong and designed to be under the ground for many years.
alt text Built in retaining wall Our purpose designed kit comes with a 4mm thick recycled plastic wall, which can be attached to the frame easily using the pre-drilled holes and the screws provided.
alt text TDU Vented Safety Pads The patented Trampolines Down Under vented safety pad allows proper airflow through the pad eliminating 'pad slap' noise, which can occur with other in-ground trampolines, and greatly improves the bounce quality.
alt text Commercial Grade Springs A quality spring will give a better bounce – and last longer! We have been in the business of trampolines for 17 years – we have selected a high quality 8.5” commercial grade spring for our in-ground trampolines which are double-dip galvanised to protect against rusting and stretching of the springs.
alt text Professional jump mat + spring guard There is an extra piece of material sewn onto the outside of the jump mat to provide additional coverage of the springs, this is called a spring guard.
alt text Made in the EU The quality of our in-ground trampolines is of the upmost importance to us. We have carefully selected the highest quality component parts and materials. Our European manufacturing process includes an extremely high level of quality control and product testing.

Specification & warranty

10ft x 6ft 11ft x 8ft 14ft x 10ft
Manufacturer Capital Play, Trampolines Down Under (vented pads) Capital Play, Trampolines Down Under (vented pads) Capital Play, Trampolines Down Under (vented pads)
Springs Extra-galvanised 100gsm (to prevent rusting) 68 x 7" 80 x 8.5" 104 x 8.5"
User capacity 100kg 100kg 120kg
Trampoline Frame Heavy duty 275gsm galvanised 42mm diameter, 2mm thick steel frame Heavy duty 275gsm galvanised 42mm diameter, 2mm thick steel frame Heavy duty 275gsm galvanised 42mm diameter, 2mm thick steel frame
Warranty Steel frame & retaining wall: 10 years, jump mat & springs: 5 years, padding: 2 years Steel frame & retaining wall: 10 years, jump mat & springs: 5 years, padding: 2 years Steel frame & retaining wall: 10 years, jump mat & springs: 5 years, padding: 2 years
Product SKU: CPGR156


What size trampoline should I choose?

A bigger trampoline is always more fun! However, we understand not everyone has the space. We'd always recommend going as large as you can afford - kids only get bigger and these trampolines are designed to last a whole childhood.

Round or rectangle?

This is really a case of personal taste and the design or shape of your backyard. However, rectangular trampolines are great for kids into gymnastics as there is a nice even bounce across the whole trampoline. Round trampolines we think always have the ultimate bounce, but that is mainly in the centre of the trampoline.

How long will it take to install?

Our trampolines have been designed to install yourself, how long it takes depends on the size of trampoline you choose and whether you dig by hand or hire an excavator. Digging by hand we'd say allow a weekend to complete the job, if you hire an excavator you'll easily do it in a day.

Do I need to build a retaining wall?

No! Our in-ground trampoline kit has a retaining wall built in, making it even easier to install at home. The retaining wall easily screws onto the frame into pre-drilled holes.

Do I need to hire an excavator?

This depends on the size of trampoline you choose and how energetic you're feeling! We'd recommend digging the 8ft and 10ft sizes by hand as it's actually easier to get the bowl shape you need with a spade than an excavator. But for the largest sizes hiring an excavator will definitely make less work for you.

How much soil do I need to excavate and how do I dispose of it?

The amount of soil you need to excavate will vary depending on which size trampoline you are installing. For the smaller size trampolines you will fill a 6-yard skip (10ft x 6ft, 8ft) for the medium size trampolines you will fill an 8-yard skip (10ft and 11ft x 8ft) and for the larger trampolines (12ft, 14ft & 14 x 10ft) you may need to arrange for a grab lorry to come and collect the soil. If you are able to use the soil in your garden for raised beds or levelling ground etc. then you will save the cost of a skip or grab lorry!

Will I need to add drainage beneath the trampoline?

In most cases, a simple soak away as described in the instructions should be sufficient to ensure your trampoline pit drains well. For some gardens that have a high density of clay you may need to consider alternative drainage options such as the ones outlined in our blog.

How much room should I leave around my trampoline?

If you do not have a net on your trampoline then you should leave at least 1.5m around the perimeter of the trampoline to avoid the user bouncing off the trampoline into a potential hazard such as a tree or fence. You should also make sure that there are no hard surfaces within this area such as a stone pathway.

How long does delivery take?

All our in-ground trampolines are send free on a next working day delivery service. You'll be provided with a tracking link once your order has been dispatched.

How do I look after my Capital In-ground Trampoline?

Fortunately, the Capital In-ground Trampolines are relatively maintenance free! It always helps to prolong the life of your trampoline pads and jump mat if you purchase a cover. Likewise keeping your trampoline clean of general garden debris such as fallen leaves, twigs and mud will help maintain all elements of the trampoline. We recommend that you check all parts regularly and replace any worn out parts as soon as you notice them.

Your installation options

DIY installation

Watch our easy-to-follow 5 minute explainer video to see the installation process step-by-step, this is based on the 11ft x 8ft trampoline but the principle is exactly the same for all sizes.
Watch Video Download PDF instructions Enquire about installation
Trampoline size/outer hole dimensions Inner hole  dimensions Hole Depth
10ft x 6ft (3.00m x 1.85m) 2.60m x 1.45m 75cm
11ft x 8ft (3.35m x 2.45m) 2.95m x 2.05m 75cm
14ft x 10ft (4.25m x 3.00m) 3.85m x 2.60m 90cm

Our installation service

Whilst we have designed these trampolines for easy DIY installation we understand DIY isn’t for everyone.

We offer a full installation service in many areas.

You are also welcome to source your own landscape gardener or builder, feel free to share the the link below to our installation page to enable you to get a quote.

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