Springfree Trampolines

Springfree Trampolines have a lovely soft bounce and a great choice of size and shapes.

Aside from fantastic styling and excellent build quality, Springfree's innovative springless trampoline design has no pads - meaning the whole trampoline area is usable space - giving you more jump area whilst taking up less space in your garden.

Most importantly though Springfree trampolines were designed to be the safest trampoline in the world.

Round Springfree Trampolines

Remember with Springfree there are no springs or pads, so every inch of space is usable!
8FT Springfree Compact Round Trampoline - R54

8FTSpringfree Compact Round Trampoline - R54

Was Now £995.00
10FT Springfree Medium Round Trampoline - R79

10FTSpringfree Medium Round Trampoline - R79

Was Now £1,195.00
13FT Springfree Large Round Trampoline - R132

13FTSpringfree Large Round Trampoline - R132

Was Now £1,595.00

Oval Springfree Trampolines

An oval trampoline is a great shape for a long thin garden.
11FT x 8FT OVAL Springfree 11ft x 8ft Oval Trampoline - O77
Pre-order to secure yours today!

11FT x 8FT OVALSpringfree 11ft x 8ft Oval Trampoline - O77

Was Now £1,195.00
13FT x 8FT OVAL Springfree 13ft x 8ft Oval Trampoline - O92
Pre-order to secure yours today!

13FT x 8FT OVALSpringfree 13ft x 8ft Oval Trampoline - O92

Was Now £1,295.00

Square Springfree Trampolines

A square trampoline works well in modern gardens and have a soft even bounce.