Small In-ground Trampoline Lighting System - Warm White

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Keep the kids bouncing into the evening and make a stunning feature in your garden with our warm white LED In-ground trampoline lighting system.

Designed to fit on the following Capital Play In-ground Trampolines; 8ft, 10ft and 10ftx6ft.

The lights not only illuminate the jump area of the trampoline but make the trampoline mat appear invisible - which adds a whole new level of fun. Try adding a layer of bright white pebbles in your trampoline hole for a stunning effect. Why not create a feature garden below or something more creative for everyone to see! This will provide endless fascination for your children and hours of fun and safe night-time play.

  • Fully waterproof safe & low voltage
  • Easy to install and comes with quick plug and socket connection
  • Can be fitted during installation of the trampoline or after installation
  • Complete illumination of the jump mat of your trampoline
  • Amazing! Jump mat amazingly appears transparent

Performance & quality

alt text Commercial grade, 100% weatherproof Unlike cheaper alternatives our LED strips have been purposely 'glue-sealed' to ensure they are fully waterproof and suitable for all year round, outdoor use. They will withstand the UK's elements and can be left out all year round.
alt text What's in the box? These new improved lights now come as standard with higher 12W, 24V commercial grade, waterproof LED light strips. In the box you will get 2 x 5m LED lighting strips that are already connected to the transformer, also attached to the transformer is a mains power lead, complete with a 13 amp plug - no wiring needed, quick and simple to fit.

Specification & warranty

Multicoloured lights Warm White Lights
Supplier Capital Play Capital Play
** LEDs** Multi-colour Warm White
** Tools Needed** Crosshead Screwdriver Crosshead Screwdriver
** Assembly Time** 20 min 20 min
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Waterproof IP67 IP67
In-ground Trampoline Lighting System - Warm White Small - SKU: CPAC210


How do I fit them? The lights simply attach around the perimeter of the trampoline retaining wall with the easy-to-attach clips that come in the box. From the outside of the trampoline padding, you have approx. 2m of lead to the plug, you can simply plug this into an outdoor extension lead. Alternatively, you can ask your electrician to provide a permanent feed into the system so the lights can be switched on and off from your house.